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Loglisci water gardens will compliment any setting. Whether it's curb appeal or a backyard paradise you're looking for, anything is possible.

New construction materials and procedures have made our watergardens more affordable than most of today's outdoor projects. We offer an endless variety of shapes and sizes giving you many price options to choose from.

Relax alongside your water garden and experience the tranquility that transcends today's stressful world. Listen to the soothing sounds of a waterfall while enjoying the beauty of your surroundings.

We create a natural setting when all the right elements come together to produce a balanced ecosystem.

All of our ponds are designed and constructed to work with Mother Nature, not against her.

So call Loglisci Water Gardens today and relax tomorrow. Your personal paradise is only a phone call away!

Loglisci Water Gardens 2003
75 Silvermine Avenue
Norwalk, CT 06850
203-849-9176 or 203-962-9890